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Singularity is a collaboration with Baltimore-based grind band The Wind in the Trees. It emulates the front-end recording setup for the bass guitar tracks on their second LP “Architects of Light,” recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD. The original signal path was a passive Dingwall ABZ5 split into a low-passed clean DI on one channel, and a prototype BSRI fuzz pedal into a preamp set to boost 100Hz. The distorted signal fed a Magnavox-era Ampeg SVT and 8x10 cabinet. Singularity distills that concept down to a parallel signal path with heavy bass distortion on one channel and a low pass filtered clean blend on a second channel. The controls allow for setting front end bass density, the attack of the distortion, mid scoop depth, and, quite frankly, absolutely crushing low end.

Singularity includes a vinyl copy of Architects of Light by The Wind in the Trees.