Floriography | Dynamic Tremolo

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Floriography (an update to an older product called EVT) is inspired by, but not a clone of, a little blue Japanese tremolo pedal I owned in the early 2000s that had no traditional speed control. Instead it changed the rate of the modulation based on the strength of your pick attack. I foolishly sold it in a pedal purge and haven’t been able to find one since. Floriography recreates that envelope tremolo functionality alongside a traditional LFO mode that delivers lush vintage optical tube amp tremolo. Floriography features a high headroom Class A preamp and, in true early 2000s boutique style, doubles as a beautiful clean boost with the depth all the way down.

The 2023 update and redesign adds an additional envelope mode that fades the tremolo in as your attack decays in addition to the original mode that increases speed with increased attack.