Where are BSRI Audio products made?

Every BSRI Audio product is made by hand in Baltimore, Maryland - the Greatest City in America. It's written on the benches so you know it's true!

Do you ship internationally?


Will you state a low value on the customs form?

Sorry, no. It's not a great idea because the folks in your customs office know what things cost. They have the internet. They can see what I charge for my pedals. When they see a suspiciously low value and you can't provide a receipt to back it up, it's a recipe for trouble. 

What kind of power supply should I use?

The best quality power supply you can afford. Ideally a nice regulated and filtered linear pedalboard power brick from Voodoo Lab or Truetone. I use both in my shop and on my boards and they ensure your pedals will operate consistently and with minimal noise. A good power supply is an investment and one that is worth making since it will keep your rig running clean and quiet for a long time. I've had some of my Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2s for almost 20 years now! A One Spot will certainly do in a pinch, but something a bit more rugged is worth the investment. 

Will you make me a custom pedal?

Custom design work takes a substantial amount of time and since we build in batches, one-off pedals aren't our forte. We occasionally take design commissions from customers who are prepared to order 10-20 units. In basic terms, we're unlikely to take on a commission for a single very custom pedal, but if you've got a youth baseball team-ish number of friends who are into the same thing you want then we can probably make it happen. And probably for a more affordable price than you think. See the Collaborations page for info on some recent projects we've worked on with folks. If you want to know more about the process, please reach out via the Contact form. 

Can I order something you used to make?

Sometimes? It really depends on the product. Some legacy products have been replaced by current offerings that achieve the same goal. Others are impossible to build because the parts cannot be sourced. You are always welcome to ask and if it can be done I'll likely be happy to help. we recently built a batch of FZZ because a gentleman in the UK needed several backups for his touring rigs and that pedal had been out of production for years.