Soft Rains and the Smell of the Ground | Textural Reverb


Soft Rains and the Smell of the Ground is a big washy textural reverb pedal that can sound pretty and lush and also sound brash and chaotic. It features a momentary feedback loop that can sustain reverb trails into a long evolving smeared pad or swell into blasts of feedback and walls of sound. Soft Rains is great for running into distortion pedals to fill out a lot of space in a mix and make the spaces between notes feel full of life and movement. Its the pedal I wanted for a new band where I want to play fewer notes but have them feel like there is much more going on. Plus the name is a reference to a Ray Bradbury poem and that's fun and educational. Lets look at the controls:

Level - Sets the level of the reverb signal that gets mixed into your chain

Resonance - Cuts or boosts the low end of the reverb effect

Air - Cuts or boost the presence and treble of the reverb effect

Soak - Sets the decay time of the reverberations

Expand - Sets the amount of signal that is cycled back through the processor when you press the Expand switch

Bypass (left foot switch) - True bypass switching brings the reverb effect in and out of your signal path.

Expand (right foot switch) - Activates a momentary feedback loop that cycles signal through the processor repeatedly. The Soak and Expand controls are interactive and can be set for a reange of effects from controlled infinite decay to instant screaming oscillation. Go wild!