Everything We Dont Know About The Ocean Floor | Dual LFO Chorus


In the 21st century we know more about the surface of the Moon than we know about what’s under Earth’s oceans. Its pretty wild to think about because the Moon is real far away and only a couple people have ever been there. Lots of people have poked around on the ocean floor. There’s STUFF down there. Old stuff. Interesting stuff. Weird stuff. But because we can’t easily penetrate deep water with satellite mapping technology, we only have complete maps of the ocean floor to a resolution of about 5 km. Who knows what’s down there?

Anyway, if you're looking for a unique a chorus pedal that’s probably why you’re here. Everything We Dont Know About The Ocean Floor uses a a pair of low frequency oscillators to modulate an analog bucket brigade delay line to produce rich, lush chorusing effects. Dual LFO modulation effects are somewhat rare nowadays but they used to be common when folks wanted ever deeper and more complex chorus tones for their soaring ballads. With a pair of oscillators you get a more complex waveform with less predictable movement and a greater sense of space. Instead of a single cyclical modulation effect, you can create evolving and even syncopated effects to push your playing in new directions. A pair of outputs with opposing wet signal polarity allow for stereo operation or your choice of additive or subtractive modulation. Explore the depths and contours and you’re sure to find something unique and exciting.