Riff, Thrash, Chug


This lovely red sparkle box with its charming light up faceplate will boost your amp into crushing tight gain tones if you like, or serve as a full-range clean boost for getting a little more of what you’re already working with.

The Thick/Tight switch controls a high pass filter in the preamp circuit. The Tight setting starts rolling off low end at 300hz which tightens up the bass in your signal chain for clearer palm mutes and fast riffing. This can also work well for adding single coil clarity to a humbucker guitar or helping to cut through when placed before a fuzz. The Thick mode is nearly full range with a rolloff starting at 70hz. This retains all the low end that you want without wasting your amp’s headroom on frequencies your speakers can’t efficiently amplify.

The Boost control sets the output level of the circuit. Up to 20dB of boost is available.