Pi to Seventeen Decimal Places


Pi to 17 Decimal Places is the current iteration of my favorite formula for the classic heavy fuzz favored by the Smashing Pumpkins and loads of other alt rock and grunge bands from the 1990s.

This riff on the classic circuit adds three popular mods to turn a fuzz that is usually a one-trick-pony into an extremely versatile dirtbox. First, a pre-fuzz Density control allows for dialing back low end to tighten up the fuzz for cleaner palm muting and more dynamic range. Second, a version of the AMZ Presence Control by Jack Orman allows reshaping of the tone stack mid contour for completely flat midrange response or the traditional mid scoop. Finally, a set of switchable clipping threshold options allows for different levels of compression in the clipping amplifiers.

Pi to 17 Decimal Places does all the fun stuff the originals do. It just does more when you want to go in a different direction for a while.