Oriole Fuzz


New smaller enclosure for 2023!

The Baltimore Oriole is a beloved yet exceedingly rare bird where I live. Ive only seen a few in my life. It seems fitting to match it up with an equally rare and special germanium transistor that saturates beautifully when driven by a pair of matched old stock silicon transistors. The Oriole Fuzz slams a new old stock Philips CV7112 military-grade transistor with powerfully amplified signal to produce smooth and punchy fuzz tones that clean up nicely with your volume knob and absolutely roar when cranked. The fuzz tone is filtered through a flat-mids tilt EQ for adjustment between low pass and high pass filters for just the right amount of cut and fine tuning in your rig. The Oriole has a voice that delivers the rich texture of a fuzz face with the saturation and tighter response of later cascaded gain stage designs. Turn up and she'll sing for you.